Institute for the Deaf of Turin



Founded in 1814, the Turin Institute for the Deaf works from its foundation with deaf people, deaf people with multiple disability and blind people from kindergarten to adult age. It is really involved in the training of educators facing the education of pupils with sensorial disabilities. The Turin Institution for the Deaf is an institution providing a wide range of services and activities, for deaf, hard of hearing and other linguistic and cognitive impaired children and adults, such as:

– Adult education for deaf and hard of hearing; – Vocational training and vocational guidance for young deaf , blind, autistic and other disabled adult students;

– Speech therapy and SLI programs and early intervention programs;

– Recognized National Provider of training for teachers;

– Home housing for deaf adults at risk of multiple discriminations;

– Kindergarten for Deaf and hearing children;

– Special need teachers and educators service in mainstream schools supporting students in collaboration with the local social services and school authorities;

– Specialized library and documentation center for teachers and parents;

– Special projects for the inclusion of deaf people in the society in the view of universal accessibility, with a focus on museum and cultural institutions;

– Projects with the Universities in the fields of researches, language rehabilitation and social services; European and international projects;

– Specialized mentoring and tutoring for students with disabilities enrolled in the 3 public universities of the region;

– Language classes: Italian, English, sign languages;

– Sensorial Garden;

– European Solidarity Corps;

– Counseling to public employment services.

Adult education
Special needs

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